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    Registration form of private enterprise in our company is located in the District of Beichen City Development Zone in Tianjin dongditou

    Publisher:天津市冠通汽车部件制造有限公司    The release date:2015-01-05

    The company has 2 mechanical steering knuckle machine (LZ6460, SY6480)production lines, 2 assembly lines, electrophoresis production line,stamping and welding production line. And has the following processing and testing equipment: 3 Dalian machine tool factory production machining center; 6 Dalian machine tool factory production CNC lathe; 4 universal cylindrical grinder; 1 high-frequency heat treatment equipment; 4 sets ofhydraulic machine; 2 rolling machine and 59 ordinary production equipment(including: CA6140 lathe the forging machine, boring machine, milling machine, and a few special equipment) and 10 CO2 gas protection welding machine; the 1 robot welding machine. The company also owns 2 sets offluorescent magnetic particle carbon wound machine, 4 sets of hardness testing instrument, a Italy imports three coordinate measuring instrument, and a large projection detector, and metallographic test,testing equipment.